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Stan State’s On-Campus Covid-19 Updates


University Student Center (Signal Photo/Selena Estrada)

Stanislaus State’s face mask requirements have been updated as of April 25. stating that the mask requirement has been released in certain indoor settings on campus. The reason for this recent change is due to the California Department of Public Health recommendations.  

Masks are still required to be worn during the instructional lessons. These instructional environments include any building where an instructor, teacher assistant and multiple students are interacting. Other places masks are required are when students are taking part in learning, research, creative activities and advising. This is required since it can involve a large amount of students in one classroom or building interacting.  

While the rules have been relaxed, Stan State still encourages everyone to still take part in wearing masks to protect our community and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The university also asks to respect everyone’s decisions on whether someone chooses to wear a mask or not and ask students to wear a mask if asked to do so when entering anyones office. 

Safety and Risk Management states it, “collaborates with Student Affairs and the Warriors Take Care Team to make sure updates are communicated timely and students have the support and resources needed to stay safe.”

Questions and concerns on these COVID-19 protocols can me addressed by contacting the Warriors Take Care Team. 

Christian Perez, (Junior, Criminal Justice) didn’t know about the new protocols regarding the Covid updates.

“It’s fine I feel like most people just wear them in class and after class take them off,” he said, adding that we still have the daily screenings and booster requirements.  

Those who are immunocompromised can address any concerns through Disability Resource Services. Staff and faculty can also contact Human Resources for concerns.   

Marvin Williams, Director of Disability Resources, said their office requests everyone wear masks when entering their office, as to protect those who may be immunocompromised. 

“I know that in my office we still request folks wear masks, the reason being that we have a lot of students who are immunocompromised,” he said.

The reason for this is if one gets covid it will be a serious concern, according to Williams. A student who is at risk can make an appointment with Disability services to see about possible accommodations.      

It is also important to note that the mask mandate can be reinstated at any time if there is a great enough rise in COVID-19 cases. The university will also follow the Center of Disease Control CDC guidance and continue to adapt to changes since covid guidelines are constantly being updated.

The university will continue sending emails about positive cases on campus. As for covid vaccines, Stan State will still be encouraging the community to increase the vaccine rate on campus, the daily self-screening form will still be used on campus, and masks will still be provided at any entrance of a building or classroom.   

Be sure to check out the COVID-19 updates webpage to stay informed about any changes in protocols on campus. It is also important to check your student email daily to stay informed on any changes.

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Stan State’s On-Campus Covid-19 Updates