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Rec Center Offers One-on-One Training to Help Meet Fitness Goals


Paris Buchanan (senior, Kinesiology) training Amani Kaur (junior Business) 



Whether it’s specialized fitness you’re seeking or you just need help getting started, Stan State’s Student Rec Center offers a variety of ways to help achieve your goals. Campus Recreation offers personal training sessions tailored to individual clients, providing versatility and inspiration to workout routines.  
Getting started is simple with the personal training form on the Rec Center’s webpage or using the link on their Instagram page. 

“The consultation is about having that personal connection,” highlights Joshua Levesque, Stan State’s Fitness Coordinator for Campus Recreation who encourages students to explore what the Rec Center has to offer. 




Levesque says they will then schedule a consultation starting with a movement analysis to look at the risk of injury and where to place the client for training. They will even look at your schedule to match you up with a trainer that is available around your preferred time and fitness needs.  

Paris Buchanan suggests, “people that are just starting out, you want to keep it consistent,” he said, “build on the same foundational muscles.” 

Buchanan, who was inspired by his mom while riding around Lake Merit, also advises clients to not compare themselves to the next person. The highlight of his job is seeing even small progress add up to something that his clients may have struggled with before. 

Amani Kaur (junior, Computer Science) says, “My family has a history of diabetes and I do not want to get diabetes … getting fit is my top priority.” 

Kaur says she visits the gym three times a week to meet Buchanan for a personalized workout routine to help reach her fitness goals.  

“Don’t think that you don’t have time,” says Kaur. “If you have time to sit on your phone for thirty minutes, I think you can get up and do some workout.” 

Kaur describes her fitness routine as energetic and notices earlier in the morning that she feels energized afterwards and throughout the day 

The trainers are helpful and friendly, adds Kaur, who says that if something is not comfortable, they will adjust it so do not be afraid. 

There are seven personal trainers on staff, says Levesque, who are all trained to help clients reach their fitness goals through a variety of personalized workouts.  

Levesque works closely with his student trainers and says, “Sometimes when those specialized goals come in, I have one of the trainers shadow me so they can get the training on how to deal with that specialized client.” 

Jamie Pish (senior, Nursing), a trainer at the Campus Recreation Center, says the highlight of her job is seeing people reach the goals they have set for themselves.

Pish starts her clients with a warm up routine and keeps it versatile throughout the session.  

“Because what works for one person may not work for another,” says Pish.  

She adds, Don’t be intimidated if someone is lifting more than you, or your form is incorrect. Everyone has been that person where it’s your first time in the gym.” 

Stan State Students, staff, faculty, and alumni can enjoy the Rec Center’s many benefits including personal training sessions for a nominal fee.  

We are trying to keep it as cheap as possible, and I am trying to add as much value,” adds Levesque.  

The Rec Center offers 12 session packages at $180, six sessions at $100, and two sessions at $60 and scheduled according to your fitness needs.  

“Try it out, get a feel for it, meet some of the trainers that are all teaching Group X Classes ... see if they work with your availability and sign up for personal training, Levesque added.

Group exercise classes are taught by instructors available for personal training and include anything from weight training tcycling and yoga.  

Levesque, adds you can join the Campus March for Steps this month on the Walker Tracker app for the Campus Rec’s 60Day Challenge. When you download the Walker Tracker appadd the team campusrecmarchforsteps2023 and sign up to win prizes or a chance for a personal training package.  

For more information regarding personal training services at the Campus Rec Center, fill out the personal training form, and schedule your initial consultation. Contact Joshua Levesque at (209) 667-3705 or email at [email protected] for questions regarding the Campus March for Steps 2023 and the Walker Tracker application.  










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Rec Center Offers One-on-One Training to Help Meet Fitness Goals