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Re-entry Students Redefine Success

Carlos Palmeno

Veronica smiling outside of Demergasso Hall. 

Coming back to college as a returning student can be both scary and exciting at the same time. After taking time off from their education, many students may feel out of touch with school life, and many wonder if it’s possible to adjust. A positive outlook and access to the right resources can open up many opportunities.

Having clear motivation as to why one returns to school can help one stay focused and motivated throughout their studies.

Veronica Sexton (junior, Creative Media) would like to fulfill her bachelor of arts in creative media with a minor in art and use that in an art director-type position, or in a creative sense, because of its versatility.
“Going through mid-life, it’s important to reflect and take inventory and kind of gauge yourself and see where at in life you are and see whether you’ve fulfilled all those childhood goals,” she said. 
Her daughter Zoey is part of why she decided to come back to school. They had a conversation where returning to college was discussed, and she told her mother that if she didn’t go back now, the odds were she never would. That very next semester, Veronica was a student at Stan State. 

Planning and considering the time and financial commitment of returning to college is essential. Most returning students have mortgages and a family to take care of.
Carla Hill-Deguzman (junior, Sociology) is a single mother with four kids. She says that life allowed her the opportunity to return to school, and she’s taking advantage of it.
Choosing the right college is vital, so location, accessibility, and online access are always a plus. Prioritizing your time as a returning student and asking for help is essential. One should reach out to admission offices and academic advisors to find out what works for them.

After taking some time off of college, Roxanne Jackson (junior, English) has returned to school. She hopes to acquire her doctorate in English and plans to teach at the university level. English and literature are her passion, and she wants to write professionally.

Through creative writing, Jackson says she wants to focus on healing emotional trauma. She was a nurse for many years but knew that was not what she wanted to do with her life. Originally from the east coast, she moved in with her daughter and husband to have a fresh start. Her family is very supportive of her decision. This time, she’s doing things not because she has to but because she wants to.

“When you’re an older student, you have no time to waste,” Jackson said.

This is a universal consensus with most returning students. This is their last chance to accomplish their goals before time runs out. 

Returning to school can be a very rewarding experience and establishing realistic habits can help achieve an individual’s academic goals and personal growth. It’s never too late to pick up where you left off and chase your dreams.

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Re-entry Students Redefine Success